Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions of purchase of digital pictures through this online site.

  • 1. By purchasing our digital pictures or images (products) through this online site you are entering into a contract with Ninassart.
  • 2. Country of merchant domicile is India.
  • 3. Both Ninassart and the buyer of the product shall be guided by prevalent Information Technology laws of India.
  • 4. The expressions in the products, artistic or otherwise, including religious beliefs, are of artists own and there is no warranty and/or indemnity on part of Ninassart as to the historical or mythological appropriateness of depiction of any particular product content.
  • 5. Ninassarts neither have any bar nor have any liability or responsibility in the type of use of the product by the buyers after purchase from this online site.
  • 6. By purchasing a product from this online site a buyer have a non-exclusive right to such product, and the same product may be purchased by any other or multiple buyers from this digital platform.